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Elegance and flair in the Continental GT Speed

Written by: Neil

Another great model launch has captured our attention here in the Petrol News office, with Bentley unveiling its newly-revised Continental GT Speed earlier this month.

Sleek and elegant lines makes this one of the most beautiful cars on the market right now and the boffins at Bentley have done all they can to boost performance for this new incarnation of the GT Speed – meaning it is now no slouch either (not that it really was before)!

We’re loving the fact that the new GT Speed is the marque’s fastest production model to date, with an impressive top speed of 206 mph and acceleration of zero to 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds.

Moreover, the new GT Speed comes available in a new Black special edition, with the addition of a selection of exterior colour accents a nice touch that we really appreciate.

Another interesting fact that we find awesome about the GT Speed is that it takes 110 hours for the expert fabricators at Bentley to handcraft each and every component of the new car – making every model unique, with a personality and performance all of its own.

We therefore recommend you check out the new model if you get the chance, as this is one luxury automobile launch for 2016 that we’re sure you won’t want to miss!

See full image gallery – here.


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