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Drivers reveal motoring desires for next govt

Written by: Neil

UK motorists have provided a breakdown of some of the most important issues that affect drivers up and down the country that they would like to see addressed during the next parliament.

With the general election set to take place next month, the latest AA-Populus poll of UK driver attitudes has focused on those things vehicle operators up and down the country would like to see fixed by the new government.

Overall, the biggest ongoing issue facing drivers at present remains the state of the nation's roads and tackling the ongoing problem of potholes that continue to blight many areas.

Other major concerns highlighted by respondents were the ongoing high cost of motoring in terms of fuel and insurance, as well as providing a stronger on-the-road presence for police to promote better driving behaviour across the board.

Responding to the results of the survey, AA president Edmund King said: "There is always a fear that the motorist will be made the 'cash cow' once the election is over, when political parties feel they can quietly drop manifesto promises.

"Rest assured, the AA will be putting pressure on the parties to come clean on plans for fuel duty, vehicle excise duty, company car tax and the use of tolls to pay for new and/or improved roads. Indeed, our research found 85 per cent of AA members are concerned that motoring taxes will increase after the election."

He added that this is a situation the organisation will continue to lobby hard against to ensure it does not become the case.


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