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Drive safely in the New Year

Written by: Neil

Motorists across the country have been urged to pledge their commitment to driving in a safe and responsible manner in 2015 as part of their new year's resolutions.

Vehicle recovery specialist GEM Motoring Assist has published a number of resolutions that could help make journeys safer for all road users in the new year, with anyone planning to drive encouraged to act responsibly and make 2015 as positive year as possible in terms of road safety.

GEM chief executive David Williams commented: "At this time of year, most of us make an extra effort to uphold a few worthwhile commitments and resolutions. So why not include a road safety new year's resolution and seek to make better, wiser choices about all aspects of your motoring in 2015?

"By doing so, you will immediately improve safety and reduce risk, for yourself, your passengers and for everyone else around you on your journeys."

Measures being encouraged by the organisation include focusing on driving at an appropriate speed for one's surroundings and paying extra attention to other road users and what is happening around their vehicle at all times.

It is also important for motorists not to let the behaviour of others get to them, as frustration with other travellers can ultimately impact on a person's own ability to drive safely and this can lead to an increased risk of being involved in an accident.

Finally, GEM suggested all drivers should take the time to plan their journeys in advance whenever possible.


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