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Don’t leave pets in the car this summer

Written by: Neil

Animal lovers up and down the country could be shocked by the revelation that almost half of the nation believes it is safe to leave pets locked up in cars, as long as counter-measures are taken, such as parking under a tree or leaving a window open.

Research carried out by Dogs Trust and supported by the AA has shown how 48 per cent of Britons believe this to be the case. However, this is simply not true, as research has shown that partially lowering the window has no significant effect on the temperature inside a parked car.

Despite this, as many as one in four UK dog owners admitted to leaving their pets unattended in their vehicle for a prolonged period – a situation that can lead to tragic consequences.

According to Dogs Trust, less than 20 minutes left unattended in a hot car can prove fatal for some dogs.

Motorists and animals lovers across the UK are therefore being encouraged to dispel the myth that it is safe to leave their pets in cars, a message that is especially pertinent right now given the sweltering temperatures being seen in many areas.

Paula Boyden, veterinary director of Dogs Trust, commented: "The saddest thing is that these dogs are often much loved family pets but the owners simply do not appreciate how quickly a dog can die in a hot car where temperatures can reach the same as an oven.

"As soon as the car doors are shut the countdown begins – which could potentially end in an agonising death for the dog. Our message is simple: don't leave your dog in a parked car."


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