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Cutting-edge tech to boost Jaguar performance

Written by: Neil

We love to get technical here at Petrol News; poring over the latest design innovations from some of the world's best automotive manufacturers is a favourite pastime for many in the office.

So, imagine our delight when one of the top names in automotive design outlines their plans to bring an array of new innovations to their vehicles in the coming years, and that's precisely what Jaguar have done this week!

New engine technology is to be incorporated into the marque's F-Pace, XF and XE ranges, with a focus on improved efficiency and performance.

At the same time, intelligent safety features, enhanced driver assist technologies and new virtual instrumentation offering 3D navigation are just some of the standout additions that Jaguar owners can expect to see.

With a commitment to delivering the very latest in technology and seamlessly integrating this into the design of its most popular models, Jaguar drivers can expect to see some big changes delivered in the most subtle of upgrades in the very near future.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: "Delivering the latest innovations is one of the most exciting aspects of automotive design, so it's amazing to be privy to Jaguar's upcoming pipeline of technological innovation during what promises to be a fantastic era for the brand."


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