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Consistency key to F1 success

Written by: Neil

The stark contrast in fortunes between the two leading drivers in this year's Formula 1 championship has become a hot topic here in the Petrol News office, as the two Mercedes teammates of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg get ready to duel once more this weekend.

Heading to the Red Bull Ring circuit for the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday (July 3rd), the importance of mechanical consistency is a topic that continues to rage on and it has us thinking about how different the current drivers' standings could look had both drivers had the same levels of consistency this year.

The difficulties of Hamilton's season have been widely publicised and with further mechanical problems meaning the Brit is now making his fifth engine change heading into Austria, it seems inevitable that additional penalties will be heading Hamilton's way before the year is out.

Contrast this to Nico's season and he's sitting pretty atop the driver's table and on just his second engine of the year. It means there's now little room for manoeuvre in the Hamilton camp and it's appearing more and more likely that the season could be running away from the three-times world champion.

There's no point mulling over what might have been though, as the challenge for Hamilton now lies in how to turn his season around. Meanwhile, for Rosberg, it's a matter of keeping on doing what he's been doing.

Our hope now is that it's the best driver and not the most consistent car that has made the ultimate difference by the end of the year.


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