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Personalise the paint on a Vauxhall Insignia

Written by: Neil

Take a look at the car infront of you, next to you or behind; they’re all the same fifty-shades-of-silver, despite being different models. Dull eh? What happened to the popping yellows, hot pinks and azure blues you see on vintage, classic cars?

It could be taste, but a lot to do with paint technology. These days, look closer on the bonnet, and the paint seems to swirl, accentuate the cars curves. Great in a show room. No matter, how aesthetically pleasing black, white, grey or silver on a bonnet are, bigger picture is that these shades are not particularly eye-catching. driving in Britain, on grey asphalt, when our typical weather of overcast, dull or rainy is in full swing.

Addressing the lack of colour on the road, is car manufacturer Vauxhall, with a rainbow of promises. Its flagship Insignia is now available to order with bespoke paint colours that can be matched to any colour sample.

Giving your Insignia Grand Sport or Sports Tourer a really personal touch, customers can choose a bespoke paint colour, which could be the colour of their favourite tie, bag or sports team.

As well as bespoke colours, Vauxhall Exclusive buyers can also choose their preferred paint finish:

  • Metallic, containing aluminium particles in various sizes
  • Pearl effect, containing minute fragments of ground mica or aluminium particles
  • Solid finish, for a particularly strong tone, without any additional contents
  • Tinted clear-varnish finish. The final layer of clear varnish is lightly coloured, giving this intensive and brilliant paint additional depth

You can request a custom colour with a sample that can be in the form of a picture, photo or colour code, meaning the production of your unique Insignia can begin.

As an alternative to the custom colour option, Vauxhall Exclusive customers can choose a selection of special colours. The spectrum includes eight two-coat metallic paints such as Light Champagne, Scorpio Grey and Tornado Blue, two-coat pearlescent shades Panther Black, Greenery and Dynamic Orange or tinted clearcoat in either Vanity Red or Glory Red.

Convinving me that black is eye-catching too, is James Wilson, at FCS Vehicle Solutions. He tells me that Vauxhall has an Exclusive Black Pack, for just £500, transforming the usually chrome parts including the grille bar, fog lamps, window frames and – on the Insignia Sports Tourer – roof rails into high gloss black.

Bespoke paint is priced at £5,300 and Two-Coat Metallic Paint at £4,400.

Call FCS Vehicle Solutions on 01235 773633 or visit www.fcsvehiclesolutions.co.uk