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Can-Am celebrations at Silverstone Classic

Written by: Neil

The 50th anniversary celebrations of the legendary Can-Am Championship have led to the creation of a new race series that will be gracing the UK next year.

Organised by Masters Historic Racing, the Can-Am 50 Interserie Challenge will take place at the 2016 Silverstone Classic and will cover three rounds of racing for event-goers to enjoy.

Nick Wigley, chief executive officer at Goose Live Events, the company responsible for management of the Silverstone Classic, said: "There's been an incredible buzz since we announced our intention to include Can-Am races in 2016.

"Now the addition of these two extra races will just fuel those fires and ensure the 50-year milestone is marked in memorable style, with some truly fantastic races next summer."

Taking place from July 29th to 31st at the iconic racing circuit of Silverstone, the event is certain to be among the most eagerly anticipated highlights on the 2016 motorsport calendar.

Launched in 1966, the Can-Am Championship has helped to spawn some of the most outrageous racing cars during the last five decades – many of which will be taking part in next year's festivities.

Masters Historic Racing event manager Rachel Bailey concluded: "They look exciting, sound superb and we are very pleased to be organising this celebration series in tandem with the Silverstone Classic, where the cars will take centre stage."


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