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Bring it on in Beijing: Awesome new releases await

Written by: Neil

Just as we were calming down following the awesomeness that graced the many stages of this year's Geneva Motor Show, they've done it to us again, with the Beijing Motor Show now just days away!

Set to begin on April 25th, the event will see China's largest annual assembly of automotive manufacturers and promises to offer a great deal of interest for all lovers of the best new cars to be coming to markets in the years ahead.

While some of the offerings will be limited to the Chinese market only, there are many that will be made available for global purchase, with previews having already showcased several new releases that have us all a-quiver here in the Petrol News office.

One such release is the new Lexus IS sports saloon, which promises to be a stunningly good looking new model and could have the makings of one of the best new releases in this segment of the market this year.

Furthermore, other standout releases that have so far caught our attention include a hot new version of the Audi TT RS, as well as the hardtop Porsche 718 Cayman that is all set to wow crowds in the days ahead.

With so many great attractions to entice all lovers of automotive excellence, stay tuned in the coming weeks, as we're sure there'll be more updates heading your way from Beijing in the very near future!


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