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Brake bringing road safety message to Cardiff

Written by: Neil

Brake is gearing up to urge the people of Cardiff to take seriously the issue of road safety in their area, with a range of free training courses being put on by the group next month.

Young people in the Welsh capital are being targeted in particular to attend, as they are among one of the most at-risk groups when it comes to road safety in the UK.

Taking place on June 17th, the event will aim to educate attendees about the six Ss – the organisation's top tips when it comes to safer driving. They are slow, sober, sharp, silent, secure and sustainable.

It means all drivers should be free from alcohol or other intoxicating substances when taking to the roads and they should remember to stick to speed limits and drive in a sensible manner at all times, with their wits about.

In addition, attendees will be reminded of the need to avoid distractions like mobile phones, as well as the importance of buckling up every time they get into a vehicle. Finally, the session will offer advice on driving in a green, responsible and, above all, safe manner.

Brake's professional engagement officer Dave Nichols commented: "Road crashes are the biggest cause of disability and death among young people. It is vital that we reach young people, whether or not they are drivers themselves, before it's too late.

"This course provides tools to help trainers to make a real impact and end the carnage; I urge anyone who wants to act to keep young people safe to attend."


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