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BMW’s M2 Competition is the hot hatch you’ve always dreamt of

Written by: Neil

Most hot hatch fans would be happy with a BMW M2 on their driveway.

In its standard guise, its 364hp three-litre petrol engine has enough oomph to blast off the hatchback to 62mph in 4.5 seconds.

Now, there’s an even quicker version on the way in the form of the M2 Competition.

Available to order from mid-May with prices starting from £49,285, this hotter-than-hot hatch ramps power output up by 40bhp to 404bhp, available between 5,250 and 7,000rpm.

Torque is similarly boosted, now peaking at 550Nm between 2,350 and 5,200rpm, which represents an uplift of 50Nm.

This means that automatic M2 can now clear a 0-62mph sprint is 4.2 seconds, or 4.4 seconds in manual variants.

It’ll keep picking up the pace until it hits the electronically limited top speed of 155mph. However, this can be raised to 170mph by adding the optional competition-focused M Driver’s Package.

Revised chassis tuning and an upgraded brake system work together to deliver sharper handling and a more thrilling drive.

You’ll be able to spot the M2 Competition due to its new front spoiler design and kidney grille, finished in high-gloss Shadow Line black, which also features on the side gills on the front wings.

A dark M Competition badge graces the rear end of the car, while the race-inspired design of the new double-arm door mirrors improve the aerodynamics.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, comments: “And there was us thinking the M2 was the hot hatch of our dreams…”

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