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BAC Mono takes to the stage at Pebble Beach

Written by: Neil

The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance took part earlier this week in the US and we have to say it was certainly a show with plenty of highlights!

Some of the best new supercars and innovative concepts took pride of place at this year's event, but one offering that really captured the imagination of everyone here in the Petrol News office was undoubtedly the BAC Mono.

Presented in partnership with prestigious local California winery Williams Selyem – don't drink and drive people, but a glass of bubbly when getting up and close and personal with some of the best new cars on the planet doesn't sound bad at all – the BAC Mono proved a real crowd pleaser.

It was one of the standout attractions of this year's show, with its monocoque cockpit and clear racing design, the crowds lapped up the Mono and were quick to show their appreciation.

Indeed, the chance to take a ride in one of these gorgeous machines was a top prize in the event's charity auction – a fact that went a long way towards helping the organisers to raise $5.2 million over the weekend.

The sleek lines of the Mono and the gorgeous lime green of its paintwork really popped in the California sunshine; we're now just looking forward to the next time we can catch a glimpse of this beautiful racer!


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