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Awe-inspiring upgrade for the Vulcan AMR

Written by: Neil

What can we say about the new aerodynamic upgrades for the Vulcan AMR? They're simply stunning, and we love the look of this high-octane racer!

Everyone in the Petrol News office agrees that the menacing and hunkered appearance of this race-only model from Aston Martin is truly breathtaking, with this arguably one of the best-looking cars that we've seen all year.

Focusing on increased downforce and performance, the updated exterior of the Vulcan AMR does much more than just enhance its appearance, with this 840bhp behemoth no slouch on the track.

Explaining the thought process behind this stunning vehicle, Aston Martin vice president and chief special operations officer David King said: "When we first conceived the Aston Martin Vulcan, it was to create something that expressed Aston Martin's wilder side.

"The result was an ultimate track car – one free from the regulations and constraints of World Championship competition. A flight of fantasy, if you like."

And it truly is just that – every red-blooded petrolhead's fantasy race car!

Our only regret is that just 24 of these beauties have been built by the marque, and there are no plans in the pipeline to create any more. I guess we'll just have to be happy with the ones we've got!

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: "The new Vulcan AMR package is a real contender for our favourite upgrade to any car of the year so far. I mean, just look at it!"


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