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Alpina’s 205mph 7 Series is the world’s fastest four-door

Written by: Neil

We live in an age where everything is bigger, stronger, faster and louder than what came before it. Rarely does the reality warrant the hype, but not so with the new Alpina B7 Bi-Turbo.

This new BMW-derived supersaloon has touched down in the UK and is officially the fastest four-door production car on the planet.

How fast is that? 205mph, since you asked, which is up from the 193mph predicted when it was shown off at the London Motor Show in May.

Using a 599bhp 4.4-litre V8 engine (up from the 591bhp originally touted), the 7 Series-based B7 Bi-Turbo can complete the benchmark 0-60mph sprint in just four seconds.

The cars we’ll get in the UK will be long-wheelbase models with air suspension, which automatically reduce ride height by 20mm when switched to sport+ mode.

They also come with active roll stabilisation with new lightweight, high-speed electro mechanical actuation, as well as Alpina-tuned active rear steering, which turns the rear wheels up to three degrees the opposite way to the front wheels at low speeds and the same way at higher speeds.

A statement from Alpina read: “Not long ago, only the most focused hypercars could touch 200 mph. Where road conditions allow, owners of the new B7 Bi-Turbo can cruise long distances at that legendary speed, with friends and family in considerable comfort.

“Remarkably, Alpina has achieved this alongside superb ride quality and refinement at lower speeds, and all for just £115,000.”

The B7 Bi-Turbo will only be available in the UK in “very small numbers”, so get your cash ready if you want one.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: “The 7 Series is one of the finest luxo-barges out there and the B7 Bi-Turbo successfully mines the 7’s bonkers side. It’s just a shame so few will be coming here.”

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