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All fired up for the Audi IMSA S4 GTO

Written by: Neil

Fans of motorsport and of classic racing will be happy to learn that a stunning and long overdue UK debut is set to take place at this weekend's meeting at Shelsley Walsh.

The Classic Nostalgia event is being held this coming weekend (July 16th and 17th) and here in the Petrol News office we've become extremely excited at the prospect of fulfilling a racing fantasy.

Never before seen on British soil, the iconic Audi IMSA S4 GTO will be taking to the track at Shelsley Walsh, with this pedigree racer sure to be a highlight for the lucky crowds that can head on down.

The S4 GTO was one of the most acclaimed rally cars of the early 1990s and the particular model that will be taking to the track in the coming days has not felt its wheels turned in anger since 1992.

It certainly won't be a rusty outing from this high-performance rally racer though, as former Formula 1 and rally driver Hans-Joachim Stuck will be putting on a show for the expectant spectators.

We're truly jealous of anyone who has the chance to see this glorious model in action this weekend, so have a cheer for us and don't forget to capture a picture or two of the S4 in action – there's no telling when it will back again!


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