Advice – What to do if you have an accident in your car

The 8 points listed in the Highway Code are as follows:

Turn on your vehicles hazard lights – this will warn any approaching traffic of potential danger ahead.
•Make sure all drivers and passengers involved in the accident switch off their engines and extinguish cigarettes..
•Call the emergency services yourself or get someone else to do so. Give full details of the location of the accident and any casualties. The operator will advise you on what to do before the services arrive.
•Make sure that any uninjured passengers move to safety, away from their own vehicle and passing traffic.
•Do NOT move anyone with injuries – you could be doing more harm than good – the exception to this rule is if they are in danger from fire or explosion.
•NEVER take off a motorcyclist’s helmet unless you have no option but to do so. This once again could cause serious injury.
•Give First Aid immediately if required.
•Wait at the scene until the emergency services arrive.

What to do in an accidentNever put yourself in danger by helping at an accident scene. If it is necessary to flag down traffic, ensure that you do it from a pavement wherever possible. If you are driving when you come across an accident, make sure that you park your vehicle safely, always turn off your engine and please put on your hazard lights, if you have a hazard triangle please deploy it.