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Count, control & cut your fuel emissions- We all need to reduce our carbon footprint – CO2 Count can help.
Meet with UK Government and EU requirements. Your fleet exhausts are the most obvious source of Greenhouse Gas emissions – watch as we count them.
Reducing and controlling your fleet emissions – start with CO2Count.
Being able to prove that you are doing it – easy just a few clicks.

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Card Protect

Theft protection with zero liability

Unlike most other fuel card companies, all of our Account Managers are in regular contact with their clients, and from these conversations it became clear to us at The Fuelcard People that one of our customers’ biggest worries is the possibility of fraud.

All of our fuel card products provide a secure way for you to allow your drivers to purchase diesel and petrol

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Mileage Count

When it comes to fleet management, we know that you are under pressure to deliver ever increasing efficiencies and cost savings, whilst protecting your organisation against the risk of non-compliance and delivering improved duty of care.
MileageCount has been developed specifically with you and your drivers in mind. Faster submissions through our driver friendly system reduces admin time for them and you, whilst improving accuracy of reporting and privacy of data.

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