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A110 teaser ahead of Geneva

Written by: Neil

The Petrol News team is getting excited, with the Geneva International Motor Show just days away!

We often talk about the many amazing new releases that this event has given us down the years, and in 2017 there will be more of the same. One announcement that has piqued our interest stands out from the rest in recent days though, with the Alpine A110 a real attraction.

The model offers compact good looks and outstanding performance, due to the model's full-aluminium platform and upper body – making this a lightweight and agile addition to the Geneva line-up that attendees will not want to miss.

It's all set to be one of the best years yet for amazing design showcases, so stay tuned to Petrol News and we'll bring you all the top stories from one of the best automotive shows of the year in the weeks to come!

The Geneva International Motor Show 2017 will officially get underway from March 9th and will run until the 19th.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Petrol News, adds: "Check out the Alpine A110 to see one of the top attractions of this year's Geneva Motor Show. It promises to be an amazing event, and we can't wait for the action to get underway."


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