Vauxhall resurrects GSi label for hot Insignia

(Posted on 24th July 2017)

Vauxhall has always been a very sensible brand, thanks to a very straight-laced range comprising the Corsa, Astra and Insignia. However, that’s about to change when the brand’s performance-focused GSi label is resurrected and slapped on the usually oh-so-serious Insignia.…

Revealed: tech behind the scenes of the 638bhp Ford GT

(Posted on 20th July 2017)

Merely mentioning the Ford GT is enough to cause a stir of excitement in the Petrol News office, and several minds were blown in here as we became privy to some intriguing facts that define the already-iconic supercar. All the…

X marks the spot for Mercedes-Benz’s new pick-up

(Posted on 19th July 2017)

Pick-ups may have a long-running reputation for being dusty battered workhorses that are fit for the building site and not much else. However, models like the Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi L200 have helped reinvent pick-ups for families and other private…

Once-in-a-lifetime car registrations on sale this week

(Posted on 17th July 2017)

Securing the perfect personalised registrations can be a tough task. Certain reg plates may be locked behind to the annual and half-year registration update, while anything close to controversial or offensive is withdrawn by the DVLA. However, anyone named Brett,…

Hamilton racks up record fifth British GP win

(Posted on )

Lewis Hamilton may be one of the most divisive F1 drivers ever. But whatever you think of the Mercedes racer, you have to take your hat (or should that be ‘helmet’?) off to the guy after he notched up a…

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