Ford Mustang named world’s best-selling sports car in 2016

(Posted on 23rd May 2017)

The long-awaited arrival of the Ford Mustang on UK roads in 2015 sparked much celebration in the Petrol News office and Ford’s efforts in reworking the pony car for European motorists seem to have been worthwhile after it was named…

VW Up GTI coming early 2018

(Posted on 22nd May 2017)

‘GTI’ – now there’s three letters guaranteed to spark intrigue in the Petrol News office and this time, the iconic acronym is being applied to Volkswagen’s already brilliant Up city car. 2012’s World Car of the Year has been leading…

Toyota’s 2,000bhp Land Cruiser becomes world’s fastest SUV

(Posted on 18th May 2017)

SUVs are currently the fastest growing vehicle segment. Barely a week goes by without at least one car brand introducing a new SUV-type model and car factories simply can’t build them quick enough. They may be known for their desirability…

Mercedes introduces cut-price roadster, £32k SLC 180 coming late summer

(Posted on 17th May 2017)

The warm weather has officially arrived and as always, so has our desire to drive a convertible. There’s nothing like seeing other motorists cruise around with their roof down, wind in their hair, basking in the glorious sunshine. The second-hand…

Best Vauxhall ever to be decided ahead of June’s Performance Vauxhall Show

(Posted on 16th May 2017)

Vauxhall is one of the most historic car brands on the planet and one that has strong links with the UK, ranking second only to Ford as Britain’s biggest-selling car maker. That got us talking in the Petrol News office…

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