New Track Pack builds on the brilliance of the McLaren 720S

(Posted on 8th October 2018)

The McLaren 720S is an extraordinary car. Anything with a McLaren badge on it is generally pretty spectacular by default, but this model has been named the most beautiful supercar of the year and is officially one of the quickest production…

Skoda’s 237bhp Kodiaq vRS finally breaks cover in Paris

(Posted on 5th October 2018)

Skoda has finally revealed its new performance SUV at the Paris Motor Show. The Kodiaq vRS has been teased by the Czech car maker for months with official details dripping through at an agonising rate. But at last here we…

Fastest ever drop-top Ferrari gets European debut in Paris

(Posted on 2nd October 2018)

Anyone with a fondness for the prancing horse and getting the roof down should hold on to their hat because Ferrari has just unveiled its fastest ever drop-off at the Paris Motor Show. Admittedly, the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider was…

Britain’s potty-mouthed motorists swear every 2.4 miles

(Posted on 1st October 2018)

Every motorist is guilty of spouting expletives from behind the wheel every once in a while, but new research has revealed just how prevalent potty-mouthed motoring can be. Apparently, the average driver swears 41 times for every 100 miles travelled;…

First-ever London Supercar Show coming May 2019

(Posted on 28th September 2018)

May 2019 will mark the launch of the London Supercar Show – a new two-day event to add to Britain’s growing list of reputable automotive exhibitions. The inaugural London Supercar Show Live will be held at the historic Blackbushe aerodrome…

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